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Spotify are generously supporting the Social Pioneers category, celebrating young people that have shown exceptional social leadership and enabling students with the biggest ideas around social good to showcase products tackling some of the world's most pressing topics.

Launcher - Bubble

Burst the Bubble

Created by: Ellie, Lauren and Lauren aged 17 - 18 from Priestley College in Warrington, England

Idea: learning support app for those who can't physically attend school

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Launcher - Breathe Away

Breathe Away

Social Pioneers Winner!

Created by: Emma, Madeleine and Jessica aged 13 from Dunoon Grammar School in Dunoon, Scotland

Idea: an IoT inhaler that sends reminders and tracks usage

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Launcher - School Recycling App

The School Recycling App

Created by: Numair, Noor-Ul-Ain, Asiyah, Tanya, and Aisha aged 13 - 15 from Denbigh High School in Luton, England

Idea: competitive recycling app to make helping the environment fun

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