Awards info for students

Learn about our annual Awards and how to enter

Submissions are open for 2020!

Entries for our 2020 Annual Apps for Good Awards are now open! Explain the features and submit videos and wireframes of your project to this form for the chance to come to London and compete in our national competition.

What students get

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All entrants get

  • Feedback on their projects
  • A certificate for entering (ask your teacher about this)
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All finalists get

  • Mentoring at a tech company
  • The opportunity to pitch your idea to a panel of dragons
  • Awards day in London
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All winners get

  • An Apps for Good trophy
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An overview of the judging criteria

We are looking for solutions that demonstrate innovative thinking and stand out from the rest. Finalists and winners are selected by our judges from the industry.

Our judges are asked to:

  • Provide constructive feedback via an optional comment box
  • Rate submissions based on the three things below

1. Idea

How well does the solution address the problem?

Judges are looking for an innovative and thoroughly developed solution addressing a clearly defined and researched problem.

2. Product

How well do the features and prototype bring the idea to life?

Judges are looking for thoughtful and user-centered features and an excellent working prototype.

3. Overall project

How well presented and clear is the overall project?

Judges are looking for projects that are professionally presented and clear throughout.

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Eventually, the presenter read out our team name. With excitement and a sense of relief, my team members and I went up the stage and collected our Award. Everyone was clapping, and it was one of the best moments that I have ever experienced.”

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Marcos, former student from Luton in England

Common questions from students

1. What happens after our team enters?

Your teacher will be sent an email to confirm you have entered the Apps for Good Awards. The email will also include a record of what you entered into the Awards submissions form.

2. What do the Judges look for?

See the judging criteria above. We'll also be sharing examples of winning projects from past Awards above. Check back in a few weeks.

3. How are the Finalists chosen?

All entries are sent to a team of Shortlisters, where they're reviewed and rated several times. The Apps for Good team then reviews the ratings and comments for the projects. Based on this information, 3 Finalist teams are selected for each category.

4. When will teams know if they are a Finalist?

Your teacher will inform you if you've made it to the Finals. All Finalists will be selected and their teachers informed by 31st May 2019.

5. What's expected of Finalists?

Finalists are invited to the Awards day in London. They're offered the opportunity to meet with a tech company and practice their pitch. At the Awards, all Finalists get the chance to pitch to a panel of Dragons.